Illustration for an Angling Association collection box 1m high

A new design in acrylic for a collection box, to raise money to help maintain the river bank along the River Ellen, West Cumbria. Contributions have provided 5800m of stock fencing and have allowed 3000 trees to be planted so far.

Mural of the logo for Westwood - The B&B with a view 1m sq.

Logo applied to the entrance hall wall of Westwood as a greeting to visitors. A poster created from the mural itself is also shown. Note the fisherman added to the mural, to fill the vacant space occupied by the Westwood logo wording.

Mural design for a walled garden 600 sq. ft.

I was commissioned to design and produce this mural where the brief was to only use primary colours and to seek inspiration from the style of the artist Mondrian. A marine theme was developed from word associations of the three primary colours: Blue Whale, Red Snapper and Lemon Sole, thereby associating the mural with its surrounding seas. The work fulfilled the clients experiment to discover whether garden walls in Britain could take the bright colours found in Mediterranean countries.

It is amazing. I do believe that Alan could make a career out of this.

Award Winning Garden Designer, Cumbria


Mural for a Scouts climbing wall 252 sq. ft.

The Settlement Charity was given the task of helping the local Scouts Association to produce this mural. The scouts themselves came up with a theme, the most promising of which,
a mountain scape, was developed into this mural seen today. I took the Scouts ideas and produced a finished layout inspired by futurism and the artist kasimir Malevich. From this,
an outline was drawn onto acetate using permanent ink which was then projected onto the 21ft wide wall, then drawn full size in acrylic paint using the projected image as a guide.
The rest of the painting was completed by the Scouts and The Settlement staff in just 14 hrs.
It was unveiled at a ceremony to commemorate the retirement of the local Maryport Mayor.

Mural for an Arts Centre 80 sq. ft.

This mural was produced to highlight the Settlement charity as an Arts Centre. Exterior wall paint provided a weatherproof under-painting upon which an outline was drawn up in charcoal before being given different line weights using black acrylic. These lines were then filled in bold colours to create an abstract geometric style, reminiscent of the 1930’s transport posters as well as the post-impressionist era.

Mining Heritage portrayed through Acrylic Canvases 3 x 1m sq.

A joint venture between The Settlement Charity and a local School located within an area of historical mining importance. The Settlement was asked to help children from rural Broughton Moor in West Cumbria, to produce a series of colourful canvasses showing the reality of this forgotten mining community - an art, and as the head teacher recently indicated in a press interview, 'a history lesson combined'.

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