My Aim

​As a graphic designer, my aim is to deliver high standard, unique design solutions, tailor-made for your product and customer target-group.

Why choose me?

What makes my work stand out is my approach to the development of ideas based on my high level of drawing skills.

These skills are at the heart of good design which is, of course, precisely what businesses need to optimize promotion of their products. As well as being able to manipulate text and imagery using the latest Adobe Creative Cloud technology, I offer that extra element - that of graphic illustration in a wide range of styles. My aim is to capture the essence of your product and advertise it in the most distinct/unique and memorable way possible.

Another thing that sets me apart are my long years of experience, enabling me to instinctively find the most natural arrangement of the text shapes and images used to develop and create your design piece. All this is crucial in forming a composition which allows the design to stay readable as well as visually appealing - ‘form follows function’.

Qualifications and experience

After gaining a HND in graphic design with the maximum of six distinctions at Newcastle College, as well as winning several competitions in branding design, I gained invaluable experience working over sixteen years as an employee before going freelance.


As well an award gained at the CIMTIG Awards, London, for outstanding design, my experience has provided me with key skills i.e. the ability to:

  • organise and prioritise

  • be flexible

  • work to challenging deadlines for each stage of the work

  • AND deliver the final product on time

  • work to brand guidelines

  • communicate clearly

  • build strong working relationships with customers and suppliers.


Various testimonials are to be found on the following pages.

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